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INTERINE丨Highlights of Year-end Theme Dinner!


Theme Annual Conference at 2023 in INTERINE COMPONETS CO., LIMITED

Wonderful Reunion, For making this annual conference more complete, we invited two overseas business representatives to our headquarters in Shenzhen. Everyone welcomed them sincerely and warmly.

Annual Outstanding Employee award ceremony, We shared the memories of the year's ups and downs, celebrated our moment of glory. More than 50 people were rewarded at the awards ceremony for 2022, including the Best Newcomers Award, Collaboration Stars Award, Improvement Stars Award, Special Contributions Award, Best team Award, Best Individual Performance Award and Best Team Performance Award.

Under the guidance of the senior captain and chief officer, the middle-level helmsman, and with the hard work of many hardworking sailors who stuck to their posts, Interine avoided the shoals, crossed the reefs, and finally sailed into the vast ocean. Just as Sun Quan of The Three Kingdoms said: If you can use all your strength, you can beat the world.

Congratulations to everyone again!  Keep up the good work in 2023~

After the awards ceremony, the delicious buffet dinner is in place and everyone raises their glasses together. To: In 2022, we will have all the memories, all the sincere efforts, professional quality and persistent attitude of Interine. This journey is ordinary and extraordinary, but "Interine" is different from you. We hope that we will never stop on the road because we believe “Better than ever!”

The "Las Vegas Night" theme party is officially underway

Fantastic shows; A wide variety of Las Vegas-themed games; Generous prize redemption area (iPhone, iPad, MARSHALL Bluetooth stereo, SONY PS5, Pole Meter projector, electric massage back, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Pola Polaroid, Joyoung high-end wall breaker, etc.); And a lot of red envelopes(cash awards) like rain and sunshine. It's got all the perks, it's like Vegas.

An unforgettable, revelatory and fruitful night, Successful conclusion of the activity, Stay tuned for the next annual meeting.

See you then!