• Business Development Representative
    Full time
    Essential Job Duties


    1. Responsible for business development and sales management in Southeast Asia (Chinese IC brands);
    2. Ability to lead and coordinate various resources to promote the successful completion and mass production of customer projects, formulate promotion strategies and implement promotion plans, and effectively handle various cooperative relations such as relationship in R&D at customer end;
    3. Formulate regional sales objectives and sales plans; And the implementation and management of reaching sales target.
    4. Familiar with FPGA and ADC/DAC product characteristics and market;

    1. More than 3 years of working experience in integrated circuits, more than 2 years of FPGA sales experience;
    2. Xilinx promotion experience is preferred;
    3. Excellent interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills and product introduction skills;
    4. Ability of self-discipline and independent driving;
    5. Possess sales vision and judgment. Combined with the company's products, can identify potential opportunities from many customers;
    6.. Ability to manage customer demand, sales forecast, coordinate supply and demand issues.
    7. Can speak Chinese, proficient in listening and speaking Chinese.
  • Business Development Representative
    Full time
    Essential Job Duties

    ●Focus on Electronics OEM/ODM/EMS.
    ●Setting sales goals and developing sales strategies.
    ●Develop and execute strategies to drive business in new and existing markets.
    ●Researching prospects and generating leads.
    ●Contacting potential and existing customers on the phone, email, and in person.
    ●Handling customer questions, inquiries, and complaints.
    ●Preparing and sending quotes and proposals.
    ●Managing the sales process through specific software programs.
    ●Meeting daily, weekly, and monthly sales targets.
    ●Meeting planned sales goals.
    ●Participating in sales team meetings.


    ●Experience in planning and implementing sales strategies.
    ●Experience in customer relationship management.
    ●Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English/Mandarin/Local Language).
    ●Dedication to providing great customer service.
    ●Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.
    ●Promoting the organization and products.

    ●Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Business
    ●2 years of sales experience in Electronic Components.
    ●Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English